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MODULE |  Mod B is In-Person 88 hours


TUE 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM PST

SAT 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM PST

8 Weeks 

1/31/23 - 3/21/23

Beaman Leal & Matsunaga


TUE 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM PST

SAT 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM PST

10 Weeks 

5/9/23 - 7/15/23

Beaman Leal & Matsunaga


TUE 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM PST

SAT 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM PST

10 Weeks 

8/1/23 - 9/23/23

Beaman Leal & Matsunaga

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PRINCIPLES | 355 / 844 hours

RPP |  Registered Polarity Practitioner Program    |  844 HOURS

Prerequisite: ICSU Program / 489 HOURS         

Total RPP Class Hours / 355 HOURS

Utilizing hands-on contacts, toning, breathing and gentle counseling techniques, the Registered Polarity program embodies a full holistic health care system, and can be used to empower other modalities as well. Polarity Therapy works at the level of sub-atomic physics. Advanced training in Polarity Therapy represents an in depth exposure to the life energy based healing paradigms of Dr. Randolph Stone. At the end of this program, a Certificate of Completion is presented. This training is a prerequisite for the RPP Program.

IEBP  Integrative Energy & Bodywork Program    |  550 HOURS

The Integrative Energy & Bodywork Practitioner Program is an alternative 550 Hour program option. This program is designed for the practitioner looking to practice an integrative blend of touch and energetic modalities in their sessions.  This hands-on training will assist integrative therapists to acquire their CAMTC certification with a program that suits this holistic approach to wellness.  Once all program requirements are met, you will be presented with a Certificate of Completion.







Polarity Therapy


50 hours of Electives are required for the Registered Polarity Principles Program.

The three principles of energy flow can be embodied through use of

techniques from a wide range of modalities.

Below are some suggested electives to support your Polarity practice.


( 0 )




Craniosacral Unwinding



Holding Space

Sound Healing


( + )



Sensory Repatterning

Thai Massage


( - )



Deep Tissue



Mountain Sunset


Your Practice

The Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding program teaches treatment and holding space for the cerebrospinal fluid, autonomic nervous system, and connective tissue system throughout the body, including classical, contemporary and esoteric craniosacral techniques.


Craniosacral is a therapeutic modality that offers a specialty training for the body worker, massage therapist, chiropractor, physical therapist, or anyone working in the healing arts with the body. 

Healing Stones


Comprehensive Training

Craniosacral Unwinding teaches a thorough treatment of the connective tissue system throughout the body, from the tip of the toes to the top of the head. Students learn how to approach the client with healthy boundaries, honor the person and their innate healing process, and create a relationship that is noninvasive and client centered. 


As the person’s core energy becomes related to the work you have done, the tissue and the consciousness reorganize around the highest intelligence in the body and the work goes out far into their lives.

Image by Yoann Boyer


Through The Fascia

Craniosacral therapy is process work which speaks the language of cellular reality. The student learns to contact the tissue, the rhythm within the tissue, and move with the tissue in a way that honors the way the cells move – getting in touch with the cellular memory – which leads into the places that have become devitalized or overcharged.


A relationship is established between the tissue (which holds much of the unconscious memory) and the core energy in the body. The client thus becomes connected to the primary core of energy (PRR) which enables them to: relax tension, release energy blocks and open the energy pathways in the body, restore balance, and promote revitalization.

Polarity CHART 2.jpg


Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981), an osteopath, chiropractor, and naturopath who sought to integrate Eastern and Western approaches to healing modalities such as reflexology, acupressure, craniosacral balancing, yoga, and Ayurveda. 


Polarity works with life energy in all of its forms, using a comprehensive system of bodywork, exercise, nutritional guidance, and verbal counseling to bring body, mind, emotions, and spirit into a state of balance, harmony and vibrant health.

Polarity Chart 3.jpg


But Polarity is more than just a collection of techniques - at is heart is a set of principles about the balance and flow of life energy which Dr. Stone believed to be the underlying essence of all healing arts.


This is attested to by the growing number of health care professionals, such as nurses chiropractors, physical therapist, creative arts therapists, and massage therapists. When we are truly well, our bodies vibrate vitality and our thoughts and emotions are in alignment with our soul's truth. Polarity serves as the key to unlock the door to the source, thereby allowing for genuinely new choices.

Polarity Chart 4.jpg
H A N D S - O N



Utilizing hands-on and off the body contacts, toning, breathing and gentle counseling techniques, this work embodies a full holistic health care system, and can be used to empower other modalities as well. Polarity Therapy works at the level of sub-atomic physics.


We offer this exciting new paradigm of energy healing. Come experience a taste of why this modality is waking up the health system as we know it. 


 The prerequisites for enrollment in any program include: 


  • 18 years of age

  • High School Diploma or equivalent

  • Government Issued ID

  • Satisfactory completion of an Application and Interview Process

  • $95 Enrollment Fee (for Massage Therapy Programs only)


Students may enroll in the 120 Hour IPSB Foundations course at any time during the year.  See schedule for upcoming classes.


Enrollment in the advanced courses of study are dependent on the successful completion of the prerequisite courses of study as indicated in each program description. Information on scheduled starting dates for advanced courses is available through the IPSB at LEI business office.


All instruction is in English. IPSB at LEI offers no visa or language services.


After application has been received and the student has had an on-site interview, IPSB at LEI Admissions will determine if the program and the prospective student are compatible.


A confirmation of acceptance may be provided in person, or emailed to the student upon completion of the interview process.


Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes. No classes are scheduled on legal holidays. Absences and tardiness will be recorded by the instructor of each class. If a scheduled class is missed, classroom hours and instructional material must be completed by the student at a later time. Makeup sessions may be personally arranged with individual instructors.

Failure to complete the hours of classroom attendance required for the course will result in an “incomplete” assessment by the Institute, and any Certificate of Completion or transcript will be withheld until all required hours are completed. Students who are absent more than 20 percent of the course are required to repeat the class. 


At the discretion of the instructor, a student may be dismissed from school for serious or repeated incidences of intoxication or drugged state of behavior. Possession of drugs, alcohol or weapons, exhibiting behavior that creates a safety hazard to others or disobedient or disrespectful behavior toward a student, instructor or administrator are also grounds for dismissal.


CAMTC approved programs have met minimum standard for training and curriculum, and training hours may be accepted toward education requirements for Certified Massage Therapist applicants. Applicants for CAMTC certification shall have completed at least 500 supervised hours with a minimum of 100 of those hours satisfying CAMTC specified subjects.

Attendance and/or graduation from a CAMTC approved school does not guarantee certification by the CAMTC. 

To apply for certification with the CAMTC, each student is required to: 

  • Submit a transcript request form to or in person at the Students Services desk (the school will submit a copy directly to the CAMTC, and the FSMTB if student plans to sit the MBLEx exam). 

  • Complete a CAMTC Application (

  • Pay the fee - $200 (valid for 2 years),

  • Provide evidence that you are 18 years of age or older

  • Provide evidence that you successfully completed the curricula in massage and related subjects totaling a minimum of 500 hours from a CAMTC-approved school (by approved program or approved subject categories). Of the 500 hours, a minimum of 100 hours of instruction shall address anatomy & physiology, contraindications, health and hygiene, and business and ethics. 

  • Submit finger print information 

  • Submit 'Request for Live-Scan' form (DOJ will process and send to the CAMTC usually within 72 hours)

Total Cost for CAMTC Certification

$200 Application Fee

$25 Background Check Fee

All applicants are required to submit fingerprint information to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) via the Live Scan Process. Previously processed fingerprint cards or photocopies of fingerprint impressions are not acceptable. 


Board Certification is the highest voluntary credential attainable in massage therapy and bodywork professional with a distinct level of achievement beyond entry-level licensure. 


To apply for the NCBTMB Board Certification, each student is required to: 


Pass the BCETMB exam

  • 750 hours of education

  • 250 hours of professional hands-on experience

  • Pass a criminal background check

  • Agree to uphold NCBTMB's Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics

  • Agree to oppose Human Trafficking


Individual elective workshop classes are available at IPSB at LEI. All prerequisites must be met prior to being confirmed to attend any class. 


An application is required for all new students. All questions must be answered in detail. 

After the completed enrollment application is submitted, the applicant will be contacted to schedule an appointment for an interview with an Student Services member. This interview is to evaluate the application and to complete your new student orientation.


Students enrolling in advanced classes who have not completed the IPSB Foundations Program must submit documentation from an approved school showing equivalent training.


Acceptance in advanced technique classes may be subject to instructor evaluation and involve a fee.


Transfer credits taken at state-approved institutions other than IPSB at LEI must have content be closely matched with an IPSB at LEI course in order to be applied.


Students are required to provide a transcript from a state-approved school, and a request for the class they wish to transfer into. 


The following criteria may be used to evaluate the student’s mastery of theory and techniques presented within the program:




•Class participation: attentiveness, cooperation and enthusiasm

•Practical application of techniques to include demonstration of posture, breathing, sensitivity and concentration

•Satisfactory performance demonstrating knowledge of anatomy and physiology


Students will graduate and receive transcript credit only if all monies are paid, all assessments are passed and all assignments and hours are completed.


Missing hours and assessments must be made up within six (6) months from the scheduled graduation date. Make-ups after that date will not be accepted and the class is considered failed.


Though each student is solely responsible for learning the requirements of the class, students are encouraged to participate with fellow students in informal study support groups.


All courses of study offered at IPSB at LEI are approved by the California Superintendent of Public Instruction under the provisions of Section 94311(d) of the California Education Code.


All materials necessary for completion of the Fundamentals of Massage Program are provided with the exception of massage sheets (single), books and colored pens or pencils.


Some advanced and elective classes require the purchase of books and additional materials not included in tuition.


An onsite reference library is available which includes books across a range of topics relating to health and metaphysics. Students are welcome to utilize these resources while on campus. We request books not be taken off campus. 


All programs are non-residential. It is the responsibility of students to secure their own housing.


Class sizes are limited. CAMTC require no more than 25 students in any one class. For classes that reach their limit, students will be placed on waitlist, and will be advised prior to class if they have secured a place in the class. 


As a CAMTC-approved school, IPSB at Life Energy Institute maintains a comfortable, professional environment and students are required to dress according to the following dress code:   


  • Comfortable clothing that allows bending, stretching, lunging and kneeling is recommended (similar to attire for a yoga or fitness class).  

  • Clothing with long sleeves is not advised as students will be working with oil on arms and forearms. 

  • Appropriate coverage and support for breast area. No visible cleavage, undergarments, tube-tops, revealing or transparent material. 

  • No bare midriffs for men or women 

  • Layered clothing is recommended for temperature changes. 

  • Jewelry is not recommended to be worn in class.   

  • Clothing with sexual or illegal content (words/artwork) is not permitted.  

  • No long flowing material that can drag on client.

  • Hair should be appropriately restrained to avoid contact with client.  


Craniosacal & Polarity Therapy


JULY 1st

Rock Maze

Career Possibilities

There are a myriad of opportunities available to our graduates. Since the body/mind connection is being widely recognized as the key to health, holistic body therapists are being added as a component to many healthcare pro-grams. Doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, health clubs and spas are now utilizing massage therapists to provide massage therapy in conjunction with the services they offer. Our graduates have also found employment as:


Private Practice

Chair Massage

Charity Fundraisers

Medical Volunteer Organizations


Fitness Centers

Health Clubs

Sporting Events

Sports Teams

Physical Therapy


Medical Offices


Medical Volunteer Organizations

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Free Open House

IPSB at LEI holds several Open Houses for new students regularly throughout the year. Staff members demonstrate techniques and introduce the Institute’s philosophy. These orientations are very helpful in presenting to students the school's warm and creative learning environment

IPSB website - massage 2.png

FREE Craniosacral Open House

We hold several FREE Craniosacral Open Houses throughout the year. Come meet our instructors and learn about Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding and Polarity Therapy.  These Open Houses are very helpful in presenting to students the warm and creative learning environment found in our school. 


One of the most frequent comments massage therapists make about their occupation is, "I feel fortunate to have found work I love." 

A career in massage therapy allows you to help people in a meaningful way with a high degree of personal contact.

Image by Toa Heftiba

What I've learned at IPSB has been invaluable and insurmountable.  This school has equipped me for so much more than just proper and career-sustaining body mechanics.  I learned how to healthfully communicate and my relationship with everyone in my life, myself included, has grown tremendously.  Thanks, IPSB!

- REBECCA L.  / IMBP Graduate 2013

I went to IPSB@LEI for the skills, but I stay for the people. It’s a community that shares and supports my values.

Ginger C. /  IMBP Alumni 2012


My time as a student at IPSB at LEI was nothing less than transformational. The instructors taught me how to care for myself so that I could use my knowledge and intuition to help others. The community welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to flourish as a healing arts practitioner. My education at IPSB allowed me to get my state certification with which I could develop a private practice and put my life on a path to financial independence. 


Dean E. / IMBP Graduate 2018

I fully paid for my program but I received so much more than that.  As I learned about myself and how I maneuver the world, a community grew up all around me.  I know that wherever I go;  I can reach out to anyone at IPSB (faculty, staff, students) and they'd be willing to share their experience and offer support.


Anne D. / IEBP Student

What I've learned at IPSB has been invaluable and insurmountable.  This school has equipped me for so much more than just proper and career-sustaining body mechanics.  I learned how to healthfully communicate and my relationship with everyone in my life, myself included, has grown tremendously.  Thanks, IPSB!


Rebecca L.  /  IMBP Graduate 2013