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IPSB at LEI BIPOC Scholarship

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

center/space/relief & IPSB BIPOC Scholarship available


The scholarship is available to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, who are interested in learning more about the energetic healing arts.


The scholarship covers the cost of one introductory Craniosacral/Polarity class:

  • Craniosacral 1 (value $420)

  • Polarity 1 (value $420)

  • Holding Space (value $280)

As the scholarship fund grows, we plan to extend the scholarship to more classes, adn ultimately full programs.


To apply, email a letter to:

answering the following questions as completely as possible.

We will select scholarship candidates based on the answers:

  • Who are you? What drives you?

  • Tell us a little bit about you and your current work

  • What do you plan on doing with the skills you acquire?

  • Include a few reasons about why you're interested.

All funds for the scholarship are raised through our monthly online healing clinics & donations.

Sessions are sliding scale & available to everyone!


for more information about the scholarship, visit our website:

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