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IPSB at LEI is now on Clubhouse!


Before you hop in one of the many upcoming rooms, like Gary's upcoming monthly feature room, you will first need to get to know basics.

First things first you will need to head over to the App Store and download clubhouse.

Great! Now if you click the link below you can sign up and skip the waitlist!!


Welcome to Clubhouse! If you are reading this, you've been invited by someone who loves you and wants you to have the best possible experience on the app.

Clubhouse is a very special place for us, it has given us a voice and space to talk about topics that are important to us and to learn from others' experiences, all while making meaningful connections.

This onboarding document is a community-led initiative and our goal is to share some basic information about the app and some of the cultural aspects of the community.

😎 The basics

Rooms are all open and anyone can join! With the exception of private/closed/community rooms

There are 2 sections in a room: the speaker "stage" and the "audience" of listeners.

When you join a room, by default you're in the audience. When you're in the speaker section, you're coming in unmuted, so just be wary and make sure to hit that mute button pronto.

If you're in a room in the audience and you'd like to add something to the discussion and join the "stage" as a speaker, just raise your hand ✋🏼 to notify the moderator that you want to speak. Pro tip: If you hold down the ✋🏼, you can customize to your skin tone.

Run out of things to say? If you are a speaker and would like to move back to the audience, you can do so by tapping on your profile picture and clicking on "Move to audience".

You'll notice some rooms have a topic, and others don't. Topics are set by the room creator, and they can choose either to add one or not. If you enter a room without a set topic, the conversation will will likely shift spontaneously from one subject to another. Embrace the serendipity of it!

Some rooms are scheduled, recurrent events with a specific topic or format, such as Trivia Thursdays or Casa Club gatherings on Sundays. You can check out the official events calendar from the Clubhouse app on the small calendar icon in your home screen.

You'll notice some Clubhouse users have "Member of" badges on their profile. Those are Clubs: Communities around common interests, a shared identity, or anything their members want to gather around. While membership in a Club is determined by its admins, anyone can follow a Club to be notified of its gatherings. Was that a rhyme?

You can create your own room by clicking and holding down the big green "Start a new room" button. You can pick room guests among your followers and Clubs that you're part of, and add a topic (optional). When you create a room, it will notify people who follow you and have notifications activated for you.

You can choose the privacy level for your rooms between "Open", where anyone can join; "Social", which is only visible to the people you follow; and "Closed", which is only visible to people you select.

As a moderator you have the ability to mute, invite people to speak, bring people back to the audience and shut down a room (top right three dots).

💙 The etiquette

If you are not speaking, it is a nice gesture to the other people in the room to stay muted to avoid echo or background noise. Especially in big rooms. If you have background noise, a moderator might mute you. Don’t take it personally :)

As a moderator or fellow speaker, you can pay attention to who is unmuting during the conversation and use that as a cue for who wants to talk next. You can then say something like "Hey Derrick, I see you have unmuted a few times - did you want to share something?"

We also use the mute button to provide feedback to the speakers - On Clubhouse, muting and unmuting fast is the equivalent of clapping 👏

As there are no DMs or text messaging on Clubhouse, people usually use Twitter / Instagram as a backchannel or as a way to connect further. Make sure to connect your Twitter / Instagram accounts so they're linked on your profile.

You'll often hear people say "PTR". It means "pull to refresh" and it's used to refresh page when changing your profile picture as well as to show updated attendance of the room. We use it to share images with each other and play games.

What if you want to leave a room? The "Leave quietly button" closes the room, and it doesn't notify the speakers that you left. When in a bigger room (more than 3ish), we do the "Irish goodbye" which is basically just leaving. In a smaller room, it's always nice to say au revoir.

On Clubhouse, people tend to have very long conversations, well into late night. Which means sometimes people fall asleep on stage. If everyone leaves the room, the person who fell asleep will stay on stage, alone indefinitely. So be a good friend and "tuck them in": Move them to the audience before you leave, or just end the room.

Sometimes a room will get really big and chaotic, and you may want to go continue the discussion you had with someone earlier or start a new one in a more private setting. We call this "re-rooming", and you can do that by either tapping on someone's profile picture and clicking on "Start a new room together?" or just starting a new room and pinging people to join you with the "+" button.

There are celebrities on here that like you want to engage in genuine, inspiring, insightful and healing conversations as well as light-hearted, fun ones. The feel and structure of this app as is, gives a more egalitarian feeling —a norm that we continue to promote is to allow for these magical moments and embrace these organic conversations with them instead of defaulting to fan girl/fan boy moments if possible.

🤳🏽 ClubHacks

Quick Change: To change your profile picture quickly, you can press and hold on your photo on the top right corner and it will lead you to your photo gallery.

Hedge Against Snoozing: As stated above, late night conversations are fun, if you're the moderator, always make someone else a moderator too so they can move you to the audience if you fall asleep!

Don't cut yourself short: Allow a few seconds before muting yourself so that you don't get cut off mid sentence. Think of this like a walkie-talkie, do you copy?

👂 Sounds Great?

This is a Brave New Audio World —we're all exploring it from different corners of the world, it's a good reminder to consider that people you meet come from different backgrounds, personalities, cultures, their ways of communications may differ but decorum and respect is universal. We hope this onboarding document creates an enjoyable experience from the start and as you bring along your tribe, you remember to extend the same warm welcoming to them and other new faces you hear along the way.

That's it for now! Enjoy 🥰

Right now you probably have a 🎉 emoji next to your profile picture, which means you are a newbie! For the next week, you will have this symbol which means people will be extra nice and welcoming to you. Take advantage of that and use your first days to explore as many rooms and meet as many people as possible. The founders do their onboarding on Wednesdays each week so expect to be invited and welcomed by them.

Please note that we do not work for Clubhouse, this guide is a community-led initiative. If you want the latest up to date information from the Clubhouse team, visit their Knowledge Center.

If you have any issues with the app, contact the Clubhouse team directly

See you on Clubhouse 😉

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