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Algorithm for Writing a Dissertation Research

Writing a dissertation is extremely difficult. The researcher needs not only to choose a relevant topic, but also to fully disclose it in the text. It is worth noting that not everyone manages to do it the first time. Today will consider in detail the algorithm for writing a dissertation research, find out what you should pay attention to in the course of creating this scientific work, and also try to understand the key concepts.

Choose a topic and agree it with your supervisor

To start writing a dissertation research, you need to choose a topic that will arouse your interest. Otherwise, writing a paper will be boring. Try to choose a topic that suits you. You should not take too narrow, as you may not find enough material to write it. Not every researcher can produce more than a hundred pages of text without resorting to outside tips.

It is also not recommended to choose the length and breadth of the studied topic, since it is unlikely that it will be possible to say something new in science in this situation. Therefore, look for the golden mean. After selecting one or more topics, show them to the supervisor. It will help you choose the most promising of them. When choosing a topic, remember that the thesis must not only be written, but also defended. But, unfortunately, not all topics are suitable for protection. And this circumstance should also be taken into account.

Make a bibliography

If you got a good supervisor, then he will definitely give you all the necessary tips, but if there is none nearby, then you will have to make a list yourself. In preparing for writing a dissertation, you can use various information sources. The more you use auxiliary materials, the deeper you can penetrate into the subject of research.

When selecting literature for dissertation research, use the following rules:

  • even if you have found a lot of different information, you won’t be able to use absolutely all of it, so choose the most important and basic for you, be selective, since the veracity of your research depends primarily on the quality of the selected sources;

  • when selecting facts, carefully consider each of them, in no case discard those that are difficult to explain or prove or use in practice, perhaps these judgments can become the basis for your theory or hypothesis;

  • try to find reliable facts, using authoritative, verified sources.

When processing literary sources, do not forget to directly interact with them. Outline the books and articles you read, writing down the most important thoughts in a thesis. After reading all the available materials, make a preliminary list. It will also need to be shown to the supervisor. This is usually done for agreement.

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