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Webinar in the form of a seminar

A seminar cannot be called a web conference if network technologies are not involved in the process. This type of webinar is a whole range of classes, at the end of which there will be a knowledge test. If the lecture can act as a one-time lesson, but the seminar is a comprehensive study of the material. When drawing up a plan, the teacher should take a separate block of information that will allow, at the end of the lesson, to complete a certain section of a particular science.

At the seminars, reports prepared by students are practiced, and great importance is attached to the discussion of the topic. If at lectures the teacher mainly gives knowledge during the lesson, and students memorize information, then at seminars the activity of students is important. Students can also be given tasks to complete in real time. The main aspects of the future success of the seminar:

  1. High level of pedagogical and special training of the teacher.

  2. The correctness of the chosen seminar: analysis of the methodology, techniques and means for conducting the lesson.

  3. The degree of preparedness of the webinar participants.

Equally important are the professional skills of the teacher. His ability to captivate an audience. Practice shows that some teachers "live" work productively, but cannot properly present the material remotely. Most often this is due to the fact that he lacks organizational skills or he does not understand digital technologies at all.

On a note! At the end of each lesson, testing and consolidation of the material is most often carried out.

What other webinars are there

Sometimes a web lesson consists solely of broadcasting lectures by invited scientists or an analysis of pedagogical practices. In some cases, it is relevant to use consultations on student issues or reports. More prestigious institutions organize on-the-job lessons through advanced training programs (MBA). Some universities are developing authoring platforms with which they teach their students and give knowledge to outsiders who sign up for webinars.

On a note! There are many applications and services that provide a stable online learning experience.



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