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Our Story. Our Mission. Our Philosophy.


Integrative Psycho Structural Bodywork

Our mission is to train sensitive, self-aware bodyworkers who use creativity and self-knowledge to transform basic skills into an artistic form that deeply touches the lives of others.
Gary & Tracy
Gary B. Strauss & Tracy Griffiths
IPSB at Life Energy Institute Owners

We can still remember our first contact with IPSB back in the mid ‘80’s. It was a very fresh moment in the burgeoning bodywork healing arts field. It was refreshing to find people with similar values. From the beginning my relationship with IPSB and its community was always rewarding. IPSB would become our sister school and through the years we would symbiotically evolve and grow in our ability to serve our community. 

We always thought that IPSB was an oasis in the Southern California urban landscape. This school helped people to reconnect with their mind body and souls. It was as Club Med once professed to be the antidote to civilized living.

IPSB helped people come back to themselves and find health and well-being in a region where it is easy to disconnect and get lost in the concrete jungle. IPSB was the first and is the longest standing school/center of mind body health wisdom wrapped in a body-work healing modality approach. It has been nurturing the mind body and soul of the body work entrepreneur and community of people looking to add balance back into life for close to 40 years.

Never before has its mission been more needed than today. It is so easy to get lost in our world and IPSB has a way of helping one come back home to their true nature.

This is why, we at Life Energy Institute, have taken on the stewardship. It is a way to honor the legacy and intentionality of this great school. Our objective is to help nurture the IPSB massage method and a way to have a strong and secure place in our culture/healthcare landscape so it can continue with its mission in contemporary times. We have worked really hard, all of us in the community to get to this new place where IPSB is now firmly a part of the Life Energy Institute as a fully approved and certified school by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) and California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC).

We look forward to the growth and evolution of our new journey together and we remain humble and grateful for all those who have held IPSB in the past to bring it to this point. We simply want to honor the natural continuity of our journey together.

Thank you IPSB community for all these years – the best is yet to come!

- Gary and Tracy



Our unique bodywork programs open the door to increased awareness of one’s own body, heart and mind. Our programs approach the body holistically, revealing how our unique perspectives and experiences manifest in our physical form. This exploration gives rise to growth and transformation that is personal and expansive. 



Our classes provide a safe, supportive, compassionate environment where authenticity and individual excellence are inspired by the learning process.  By communicating with the body in a conscious and fully connected way touching the body touches the soul.


We believe that by touching the body consciously the transformation of an entire being occurs and ripples out into the world.  Our name encompasses our approach which honors the harmonizing of the whole: body, mind, and spirit in all aspects of our curriculum as well as our teaching modalities.

We are committed to training sensitive compassionate individuals who practice the massage technique with an artistry that profoundly touches the lives of others and brings lasting personal and professional fulfillment. For us touching the body…touches the soul.

Custodian of Records

IPSB at LIfe Energy Institute is now the official Custodian of Records for Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing (IPSB) students who attended the school prior to July 1, 2016. 


IPSB at Life Energy Institute is honored to continue the legacy of the IPSB style of massage therapy in the greater Los Angeles area. 


APTA - American Polarity Therapy Association

CAMTC - California  Massage Therapy Council

BPPE - Bureau of Private Post-secondary Education

NCBTMB - National Council of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Board of Registered Nursing  

BPPE School Code  98908029  

NCBTMB  290146-00  

CAMTC School Code SCH0077  

ABMP - LEI  781796  

APTA  Strauss90290  

Board of Registered Nursing  CEP 15379

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