Shades of White Stone


IPSB at Life Energy Institute



Gary Strauss, MS, BCPP, RPE

School Steward

3 - Lisa Thompson_edited.jpg

Lisa Thompson

Graphic Designer

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Dean Evans

Student Services

Pink Flowers

Mo Whelan

Life Energy Institute Manager

Tracy photo.jpg

Tracy Griffiths, CMT, RPE

School Steward

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Kara Masters

Accountant /

Payroll Manager

Image by Olia Gozha

Anne Dailey

Admissions Advisor

Sabrina photo.jpg

Sabrina Ortolano, CMT

IPSB Director

3 - PHOTO - Sue Heffner.jpg

Sue Heffner

Administrator / 

Office Manager


Rebecca Zoe Leigh

Scheduling Manager

Cyndi photo.jpg

Cyndi Ortolano, CMT

Curriculum Director

PHOTO - Chelsea.png

Chelsea Maclure

Student Services / Retail Manager


tri: faundeen

Operating Systems Strategist



Amie Cole, CMT

Self Massage with a Foam Roller 

Techniques for Relaxation & Restoration


Gary Strauss, MS, BCPP, RPE

Integrative Craniosacral

Unwinding Program,

Registered Polarity

Practitioner Program

Dr John Beaulieu photo_edited.jpg

Dr. John Beaulieu

Quantum Cranial Sound Healing &

Vibrational Medicine

Photo - Kassia Meador .jpg

Kassia Meador

Harmonize Your System,

Chakra Sound Healing for Bodyworkers


Lori Stewart

Foundations Mod A

Sabrina photo.jpg

Sabrina Ortolano, CMT

IPSB Foundations,

Contraindications & Pathology, Ethics & Boundaries,


Tami Cook photo.jpeg

Tami Cook

Kansa Fascial Therapy & Gua Sha


tri: faundeen

Evaluation & Preparation for Practice

Clinical Development


Anke Rice, CMT

IPSB Foundations,

Deep Tissue I & II

3 - Photo - James Arena_edited.jpg

James Arena, RPE

Cranial Spinal Balancing, 

Mysterious Sacrum, 6 Pointed Star,

Polarity Yoga

Photo - Loren Stiteler .png

Dr. John Loren Stiteler, L.Ac

Acupressure & Intro to Meridians

3 - PHOTO - Kevin de Comines_edited_edit

Dr. Kevin de Comines


Myofascial Massage

3 - Photo - Mary Grimes.jpg

Mary Mulkey Grimes

Clinical Development

Polarity I


Sarah Pincus CMT, BS

IPSB Foundations Mod A

3 - Photo - Toi Beaman Leal.jpg

Toi Beaman-Leal, CMT

IPSB Foundations,

Business & Marketing,

Elder Care Massage Intro,

Core Skills

3 - Photo - DoAnn T_edited.jpg

Dr. Tsuneo Kaneko

Shiatsu Anma Therapy Intro,

Shiatsu Certificate

Cyndi photo.jpg

Cyndi Ortolano, CMT

Deep Tissue I & II,

Hydro & Spa Therapies,

Event Massage


Jennifer Sanders, BCPP, RPE

Polarity Reflexology,

Advanced Elements

3 - Photo - John Matsunaga.jpg

John Matsunaga, CMT

IPSB Foundations,

Practicum - IMBP 

Photo - Kristina Eberle_edited.jpg

Kristina Eberle, CMT

Ancient Thai Massage Intro, I, & II, Ancient Thai Massage - Therapeutic Applications

3 - Photo - Philip Martin.jpg

Philip Martin, CMT

Sports Massage & Stretching

Shannon photo.jpg

Shannon McLaren

Polarity immersion,

Human Energy Systems,

Mystic Sound Gathering


Tony Poland

Anatomy & Physiology

Photo - Elizabeth-Jacobowitz.jpg

Elizabeth Jacobowitz, CMT

Sensory Repatterning I, II, & III

3 - Photo - Davenport, Jill_edited.jpg

Jill Davenport, CMT

Lymphatic Drainage I & II

3 - Photo - Johnnette du Rand 2017 1_edi

Johnette du Rand, CMT

Oncology Massage Intro

3 - Lisa Thompson_edited.jpg

Lisa Thompson

Reiki I, II, & III


Rebecca Leigh

Ethics & Boundaries


Shelley Bredeson

Communication I

Polarity II

Tracy photo.jpg

Tracy Griffiths, CMT, RPE

Business & Marketing, Polarity I & II, Spinal Renewal, Aromatherapy, Raindrop, Chakra Clearing