Shades of White Stone


IPSB at Life Energy Institute


Gary Strauss, MS, BCPP, RPE

School Steward

Lisa Thompson

Graphic Designer

Chelsea Maclure

Student Services / Retail Manager

tri: faundeen

Operating Systems Strategist

Tracy Griffiths, CMT, RPE

School Steward

Michelle Wilcox

Marketing Manager

Dean Evans

Student Services

Mo Whelan

Life Energy Institute Manager

Sabrina Ortolano, CMT

IPSB Director

Kara Masters

Accountant /

Payroll Manager

Anne Dailey

Admissions Advisor

Cyndi Ortolano, CMT

Curriculum Director

Sue Heffner

Administrator / 

Office Manager

Rebecca Zoe Leigh

Scheduling Coordinator


Amie Cole, CMT

Self Massage with a Foam Roller 

Techniques for Relaxation & Restoration

Gary Strauss, MS, BCPP, RPE

Integrative Craniosacral

Unwinding Program,

Registered Polarity

Practitioner Program

Dr. John Beaulieu

Quantum Cranial Sound Healing &

Vibrational Medicine

Kassia Meador

Harmonize Your System,

Chakra Sound Healing for Bodyworkers

Lori Stewart

Foundations Mod A

Sarah Pincus CMT, BS

IPSB Foundations Mod A

Toi Beaman-Leal, CMT

IPSB Foundations,

Business & Marketing,

Elder Care Massage Intro,

Core Skills

Dr. Tsuneo Kaneko

Shiatsu Anma Therapy Intro,

Shiatsu Certificate

Anke Rice, CMT

IPSB Foundations,

Deep Tissue I & II

James Arena, RPE

Cranial Spinal Balancing, 

Mysterious Sacrum, 6 Pointed Star,

Polarity Yoga

Dr. John Loren Stiteler, L.Ac

Acupressure & Intro to Meridians

Dr. Kevin de Comines


Myofascial Massage

Philip Martin, CMT

Sports Massage & Stretching

Shannon McLaren

Polarity immersion,

Human Energy Systems,

Mystic Sound Gathering

Tony Poland

Anatomy & Physiology

Cyndi Ortolano, CMT

Deep Tissue I & II,

Hydro & Spa Therapies,

Event Massage

Jennifer Sanders, BCPP, RPE

Polarity Reflexology,

Advanced Elements

John Matsunaga, CMT

IPSB Foundations,

Practicum - IMBP 

Kristina Eberle, CMT

Ancient Thai Massage Intro, I, & II, Ancient Thai Massage - Therapeutic Applications

Rebecca Leigh

Ethics & Boundaries

Shelley Bredeson

Communication I

Polarity II

Tracy Griffiths, CMT, RPE

Business & Marketing, Polarity I & II, Spinal Renewal, Aromatherapy, Raindrop, Chakra Clearing

Elizabeth Jacobowitz, CMT

Sensory Repatterning I, II, & III

Jill Davenport, CMT

Lymphatic Drainage I & II

Johnette du Rand, CMT

Oncology Massage Intro

Lisa Thompson

Reiki I, II, & III

Sabrina Ortolano, CMT

IPSB Foundations,

Contraindications & Pathology, Ethics & Boundaries,


Tami Cook

Kansa Fascial Therapy & Gua Sha

tri: faundeen

Aromatherapy Foot Reflexology

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Psycho Structural Bodywork

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