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IPSB Students Give Back To Our Communities

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

IPSB has a long history of working to support the various organizations that provide resource to our students communities. We love to provide bodywork to groups in need of healing or to volunteer our time at an event to help raise money to support a charity.

One of the ways we do this is by offering a work trade agreement for students who would like to take the event massage class. The class is an 8 hour class and if you commit to volunteer 16 hours with us at some of the upcoming events you can take it at no charge.

You do not have to be complete with your program to participate in any of these events but we do ask that you have at least completed Advanced Modalities to ensure a baseline of skill. We ask that you have student level liability insurance if you are still in the program. Alumni are welcome to join us at any point. We love seeing you again and working with you to bring the magic that is the IPSB Community to a broader audience.

The volunteer program is designed to support students both in building their confidence in a public forum but in a supervised and supported way while allowing them to support groups they believe in. This also provides an opportunity for students to network with potential clients at events, they are encouraged to bring business cards and hand them out to anyone looking to work with them.

If there is an organization you would like us to consider working with contact Sabrina to see if we have room in our volunteer schedule.

This year we're gearing up to work with a few organizations that we love.

This program works with individuals and families experiencing homelessness and other resource challenges. Their programs connect people in our community who need resources with available programs including a phenomenal mentorship program. They have five events a year and our goal is to provide bodywork at each of them. The video below is from their Love Yourself event in February. Learn more here: Imagine LA

Los Angeles Fire Departments

California fire fighters put in a heroic effort every fire season and we often look for a good way to say thank you. This year there are a series of wellness events being offered to clusters of fire departments in 5 different locations around central Los Angeles and North Hollywood. If you'd like to volunteer for any of these dates we still have openings.

Event Dates:

5/10/23 - Wednesday 9am - 2pm (Los Angeles 90012)

5/15/23 - Monday 9am - 2pm (Los Angeles 90025)

6/14/23 - Wednesday 9am - 2pm (North Hollywood 91605)

6/21/23 - Wednesday 9am - 2pm (Los Angeles 90016)

7/10/23 - Monday 9am - 2pm (Los Angeles 90012)

LA LGBT Center & Audre Lorde Health Program

The Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic and Audre Lorde Health Program provide affordable/sliding scale healthcare from general care, reproductive care, mammography, STD screening and prevention. We are excited to partner with them this year to offer health care resources to our students as well as to support the various communities they work with.

Learn more about

The first event we will have a space at is the WxW - For Women. By Women. Wellness Event. Between 600-800 people attend this event for workshops, educational events, resources and community. Child care is provided as are kids activities. This is geared toward LBTQ women and gender expansive folks.

Event Dates:

5/20/23 - Saturday 12pm - 5 pm (Hollywood area)


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