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Online | Hybrid | In-Person

We offer a hybrid class structure -

it is our most flexible class schedule to date.

You'll be able to create a schedule that matches your lifestyle and timing!

In response to our communities changing needs over the past few years, we have embraced the flexibility of the online environment, which means that you can now start your program online, no matter where you live! Read the details of each module below to get a sense of how this format creates more opportunity for you as a student!

Working from Home
massage class.jpg

Entry point of enrollment & includes the price of both modules

This portion of class is

100% online

and will take place over Zoom.

You pay for both modules

when you register for module A.

You can enroll in any module A for a given course that matches your personal schedule.

If you've completed module A of our IPSB Foundations course, you may enroll in module A of any other course, ie. Advanced Modalities. You are 

free to take full online courses,

ie. Anatomy courses, Contraindications & Pathology. This will allow you to move through your program faster than before!

Module B

cannot be taken alone

without Module A.

Technique portion taken at

your convenience

This portion of class takes place 

100% in person and will cover hands-on technique,

interactive exercises, and/or mind-body content. 

You've already paid for Module B

when you registered for module A.

This portion of class is

Outdoors or Responsibly Distanced

at Temescal Canyon Park or at the IPSB at LEI campus in Santa Monica, depending on COVID considerations.

You are free to take

Module B of a given course

whenever it is offered

and best fits your schedule.

Module B

cannot be taken alone

without Module A.

Module A

Module B

Image by Annie Spratt

Registration Information


A 50% discount is available to students re-taking a class (taking a class they have previously taken). 


Dropping a course 7 or more days from the starting date incurs a $5 cancellation fee. 

For courses dropped less than 7 days before the starting date, the fee is $50.


Any withdrawal or cancellation must be given in writing, either in person, by email or certified mail.


Program students shall be given until midnight following the first day of instruction to withdraw from the program and receive a full refund of all tuition paid to this institution or its representative. Refunds for cancellation after that period and for individual classes are based on a pro-rata calculation.


The registration fee is non-refundable. Students will be charged for the hours of instruction up to the date students formally cancel their enrollment.


Any refund due to students, if any, will be made within forty-five days of the formal cancellation date. Refunds are based on the following formula and on advanced payment in full:


  10%  Hours of Instruction ..... 90% Refund
  25%  Hours of Instruction ..... 75% Refund
  50%  Hours of Instruction ..... 50% Refund
  60%  Hours of Instruction ..... 40% Refund
  75%  Hours of Instruction ..... 25% Refund
100%  Hours of Instruction ..... No Refund

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