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Bodywork suggestions for Capricorn season

Updated: Mar 26

During Capricorn season, spanning from December 22 to January 19, the archetypal energies of discipline, responsibility, and practicality are called to mind. Capricorn season is a time when people often set goals and resolutions, demonstrating Capricorn’s determination and focus on achievement.

Capricorn is linked to the knees as vital pivot points in the body’s movements. Whether it’s through mindful exercises, joint-friendly activities, or preventive measures, taking care of the knees aligns with the traits associated with Capricorn, fostering a holistic approach to self-care.

Tai Chi enhances knee flexibility and strength through gentle, flowing movements.

Sensory Repatterning promotes improvements in proprioception, better balance and stability for knee health.

Deep Tissue work to gastrocnemius releases muscle tension, supporting overall knee function and reducing strain.

Knee flexion and extension exercises strengthen surrounding muscles, promoting joint stability and preventing stiffness.

Embrace the connection between Capricorn season and knee care for a fun twist on prioritizing health and well-being! Let astrological themes inspire your commitment to keeping those knees happy and strong.

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