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Tai Chi-Inspired Body Mechanics Can Prevent MT Pain and Dysfunction

Updated: Apr 3

Man demonstrating a tai chi bow stance at a massage table
Man demonstrating a tai chi bow stance at a massage table

“Tai chi chuan, commonly referred to as tai chi, is a practice of self-awareness that can help you develop and maintain a practice of healthy body mechanics.” -

We are sharing a link to this article on on the benefits of Tai Chi inspired body mechanics for MTs. The key to IPSB’s unique approach to massage and movement comes from Tai Chi Chuan, and is a foundational aspect of the IMBP program. IPSB has a direct lineage to the Tai Chi Master, Chen Man-ch’ing, who brought the practice to the United States - through his student Abraham Liu, who, in the late '70s and '80s, trained Eileen “Hamsa” Henry, owner of IPSB from the ‘80s to early 2000s, and Leslie Prell, recently retired long time IPSB teacher. Bringing Tai Chi into the classroom revolutionized the program and set the tone for innovation as the field expanded.

Focusing on efficiency of movement, protection of your tools (your hands and arms) and power vs. force, Tai Chi informs everything you learn in the IMBP program. Using Tai Chi body mechanics, you can become a deep tissue practitioner who works deeply in the body without causing injury or pain, to the client or yourself.


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