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We Can Only See So Far

In my classes I often teach the theory of relativity. It is up there among the best thoughts I have ever engaged. I share with my students that we only perceive within a narrow bandwidth of the total frequencies that exist and that the work we do is opening us up to more of the frequencies of reality. I love this thinking infused within the field of being of my life- it makes me feel so open and possible.

One of my students, Michael, said the other day that you can only see to the edge of the horizon until you get to that end, then you can see further. We can only see and perceive so far until we reach the edge of our potential beings manifest, then we can see and perceive beyond that place. Daring to reach our potential opens up further experiences and possibilities of perception and realization.

Recently, I have been very ambitious in my pursuit and realization of my potential in life. For a while, as with any endeavor to manifest new potentials, it was a struggle and a hard journey.

There was a great amount of resistance in the field to the potentials and realizations I wanted to have. Like a good trooper I did my best to meet the challenges, though sometimes I felt like turning back to my quieter, more realized life of yesterday. I felt like all I had was the clarity of my intentions and the good energy that I believe in. I would say that it has been a good journey, well traveled and realized.

Life has shifted and my field of conscious being is ever more manifested and I am reaching the edge of my horizon and beginning to feel and see what it looks like from there. New ambitions are showing up in my field. I knew that if I were to earn this new place of realization that my consciousness would need to shift, that I would need to perceive life differently than before.

In order to have new realizations you need to have a different way of being and thinking. As this process has unfolded I have begun to feel a different conscious engagement of the world around me. My consciousness is shifting and I can feel it. I am opening in a way that I was afraid wouldn’t happen and it is happening right now. I am experiencing the world and life differently than I have ever experienced it before. I am quite taken by it. I feel very free in all of my relations and the possibility of all things. It is one thing to have an affirmation of consciousness – to fake it until you make it. It is another to acquire the new affirmation as a state of being and experience the world in a new paradigm. I realize that the real limitations within the gravity of life are my own limiting beliefs and perceptions and that, as I endeavor to become more realized, my conscious experience of life shifts. Maybe this is true always in some way and when we start to digest our own resistance the reward is a new level of conscious realization and engagement with ourselves and the world around us.


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